Nina Kraviz announces record label launch!

Image courtesy of Resident Advisor.

Image courtesy of Resident Advisor.

Yup, that’s correct ‘трип’ which stands for TRIP, is set to be the next label to watch,presenting the ‘”trippier, acidic side of electronic music”,says Kraviz. Could we ask for anything more? The only artist to be confirmed for release up to date, is Nina herself, however its been suggested an array of experimental genius’ in electronic music will be featured as ”трип will also showcase releases from a selection of artists that inspire her and whose music features frequently in her sets.”.

For those of you who have heard her play, Nina is nothing short of captivating and inspiring. Slapping some of the most unique pieces of acid n techno vinyl on the 1210s whilst soulfully mixing. You will notice her eclectic taste which is bound together by the 303 and many older Chicago house and Detroit techno records, her commitment as a record collector is clear when you hear her play. Unlike a lot of Djs Nina’s not caught up on having the tightest mix, rather the quality and diversity of records themselves. This is why she’s one of the most sought after bookings in electronic music, she focuses on the fundamentals of what playing records is about, sharing her record collection and communicating with the crowd in front of her, with a strong sense of the environment she’s surrounded by and feeling every single sound she is playing. I always question every other record I hear her play like ”woahh what is this and who Is this by, its ridiculously good”, she never fails to get the crowd under her spell!

So with her label featuring artists she strongly supports in her sets, its undoubtedly going to be a cool label offering something a little different. Nina has played a lot of Alien Rain aka Milton Bradley in the past and had him play at the label launch on 14th June in Barcelona, presenting his acidic alias. His music can only be described as 303 euphoria, catching raw emotion in a machine with little use of any other sounds, the 303 takes the front line and guides the listener through lengthy tracks with a gorgeous use of reverb. Alien Rains productions have only been released on his own imprint and Deep Sound Channel, after collecting all of this records it excites me that Nina is most probably going to continue this legacy!

Other artists who played at the first label launch include the incredible Luke Hess, who Nina worked with on her latest album ‘Mr Jones’,  Breaker 1 2 and Stanislav Tolkachev. These artists whom she had play at the трип launch, were highlighting what the label was about and what it would be representing alongside Kraviz’s own productions too. Which have previously been rich with sensual vocals , gritty analogue keys and rhythmic 808, we prey the acid queen has made some 303 music with her name on it!

Modern, good quality acid records are few and far between and трип appears to be filling a void in the current market. The release date is set for this December and I will be sure to get my hands on the record and keep you notified. Moments like this really generate an excitement in me, which can be universally understood by music lovers and record collectors alike.

In the mean time here is a work of fine art I found in Amsterdam’s Rush Hour Records.

– Alexandria x


A homage to DJ Rashad!

The King Himself

The king himself

For those who don’t know, one of Chicago’s best, DJ Rashad has been at the forefront of the european Juke and Footwork movement for a few years now, alongside his life long friend DJ Spinn.

On the 26th of April at the age of 34 he sadly past away.

His death was a great blow to me. He was a true musical genius, turning out some of the trickiest and most energy fuelled tunes, for dance-floors not just in America but around Europe too . A truly wild combination of some outright peng GHETTO house and RnB samples thrown together with a furious 160 BPM, 808 beat. Personally i feel that out of all the genres and sub genres there Juke, when played out through a thumping system, really can’t be compared. His work with Hyperdub can not be forgot either after being placed as one of the top ten in the Rolling Stones dance albums of the year.

It also has too be mentioned that Juke wouldn’t have hit the UK without the help of Rashad, Spinn and Bristol boy Addison Groove (So thank you. Many memories have been made.)

SOOOOOO in memory of Rashad I have composed my very own………




10.)  DJ Killa E – Star Wars:

Star Wars on even MORE accccccccciiiiiiiiiddddddddddd.

9.) DJ Spinn – Feeling you:

Sample wise………..For those that know. 😉

8.) Machine Drum – Seesea

A dreamy flow of genius, although its not all that ghetto it would definitely still unite a dance floor.

7.) Boylan – Bullet Proof Soul

Hundred mile per hour version of moondancing to R&B!

6.) DJ Spinn / DJ Rashad / DJ Manny – Horn Chemist

A full collective of the Teklife crew. Very iconic track.

5.) DJ Rashad – In Da Club For Eleven O’clock

This marks us half way! I feel very strongly when i say this tune was a big part of mine and my pals time at school. Everyone knows it. Everyone loves it.

OH!!! And it gets any lady on the floor, go mental for the twerk and crump combo.

4.) DJ Rashad – Ghetto Tekz Runnin It

Another absolute rusty banger from our man. LIKE I SAID A TRUE PIONEER.

3.) Traxman – Footworkin On Air

Steel drums scattering over bass rolls that make your eyes shudder.

2.) DJ Rashad and Gant-man – Heaven Sent

Gant-man and Rashad where an unbeatable combination. Such a shame they couldn’t do more together.

1.) Traxman – Lifeeeeee is forever

My number one Juke/Footwork track of all time has to go to the masterpiece. Released on his “Da mind of Traxman” album, its safe to safe it is a pure anthem.

Only seems fitting for the circumstances that this closes the list.

RIP Rashad




(Michael Johnson)

ACID Yar – My Top Ten Squelcherzzzzzzz


The best acid line has a soul. It moves with the track, dances through the beats; expressing itself through changing parameters and modulation. So much so, you can close your eyes and get completely lost in the music, forgetting that sometimes bare minimum elements are taking you on this journey! I’m just a massive fan of tasty acid, but there is a lot of shite kicking around, an angry acid stab over some 133bpm distorted techno ain’t the real deal for me at all. Don’t get me wrong there is still a lot of acid i’m yet to discover buttttt here are the top 10 acid trackz that make me tingle. Feel tha squelch, YO!

10/ Robotman – DO DA DOO – (Plastikman’s Acid House Remix) –  One catchy vocal. A thunderous acid line which comes creeping up. This 9 minute wonder keeps you on your toes. Intense.

9/ Armando – Land of confusion – This ones bouncy n fun with lotsa lively percussion. Guaranteed to generate a dance floor of smiles.

8/ Chicago Damn- Acid Tool –  A very looooooooooooooose shoulder rider, with a VERY hypnotic acid line.

7/ Regal- Pulzar – throbbing acid line, with a sleazy ass note at the end of ear bar. Frantic percussion contributes to a nice build up in this one.

6/ Gingy_Bordello – Body Acid – 4:20 that is all. Hehe!

5/ Phuture – Acid Tracks – The most iconic Acid line ever wrote. Defining the genre this track captures creativity and the experimental nature of certain producers from the 80’s n 90’s in Chicago, which later went on to influence the world of electronic music. The misuse of the 303 ended up making the funkiest noise ever!

4/ Tame Impala – Be Above It (Erol Alkan Rework) – Trudging techno, angry climbing acid descends into a smooth ridinnnn’ groove! Gottaaa be above it, head spinning musiqqqqqq.

3/ Aphex Twin – Windowlicker (Acid Edit) – one of the most GHETTO acid tunes around. Sporadic percussion, sexy vocalzzz and a quirky groove. The acieeeed just creeps up half way through giving the record some BEEEF.

2/ Alien Rain- Alienated 2B – Piercing through the surface of the beats, this acid line seems somewhat confined,as the record progresses it reveals its self in its entirety. The constantly evolving 303 pattern conveys the sheer emotion of the musician! B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l.

1/  Laurent Garnier – Acid Eiffel – a subtle acid line, dancing around on the atmospheric chords – beautiful combination. A big dramatic track, 5am record me thinks! Such a classic EUPHORIC record, Laurent Garnier iz a saint!

P.s listen to this indian Acid tinggggggg hoho wicKKKed. Reppin Bombay ’82 … Da fuqqqqqq

Alexandria x

Ghetec Presents #8 – Avenue Red (Alec Pritchard)

‘As a DJ I feel no need or desire to confine myself to any one genre or theme – this mix was not recorded with any planned progression, it’s just an instinctive flow through some music I love, new and old. I love to find ways to bridge between styles and deeply consider the next track and how it will gel in the mix with what’s playing – musically and rhythmically.’

Our 8th guest mix is just in time for the incoming hazy springtime afternoons. This mix from Alec Pritchard – serious music collector, DJ/Producer and founder of Avenue Red – a long-term project intended to develop into a record label – is stunning; a 3 hour progression through a series of tangents: light, funk-filled house music; deep, dubby techno; groove-centric techy house music; electro and some more pumping house music at the end.

Currently, Avenue Red hosts regular podcast mixes from a diverse range of excellent DJ’s with no interest in  purveying anything other than quality music – there is no other agenda behind it. Quality is key, and all sets are mixed on vinyl for that proper authentic “human” touch. Avenue Red has put out some amazing podcasts, and introduced us to DJ’s and tracks we had never heard before.

When asked about Avenue Red, it’s clear that everything fuelling the series is the mind of a genuine music lover – “I have absolutely no interest in purveying anything other than quality music; it’s a labour of love because I am so deep into the whole concept of the DJ mix, as an extension of music in general. I think that a DJ can bring something so special out of an otherwise disparate collection of individual tracks – a DJ can ignite emotions and energy in people and really can take you on a journey. I want to find DJ’s who can make these journeys in ways I appreciate and feel. I don’t care where they come from, if nobody will have ever heard of them before or if they have no public profile already. I want to use this series as a platform for DJ’s who I feel deserve a bit of exposure and recognition for their musical passion and creativity.”

Here’s the tracklist – the set features a variety of old skool sounds and new releases. A wicked mix that’ll take you on a journey. Enjoy.

01 Jimpster – Slow ‘N’ Low // Freerange (1996)
02 Vakula – You Can Do It // Firecracker (2010)
03 Ron Trent – Pop, Dip & Spin // Prescription (1995)
04 Kez YM – Late Night Remedy (Andrés Remix) // City Fly (2013)
05 Nail – Monday Brew // Robsoul (2013)
06 Ivano Tetelepta & Roger Gerressen – Time // Apparel (2013)
07 Chaton – +91 Ahead Session 3.5 (John Daly Version) // Plak (2009)
08 Will Berridge – Janet // Unreleased (2014)
09 G.R.I.T. – Neon Aura (Havantepe Remix) // Entropy (2012)
10 Quantec – Multiple Dependency // Elux (2012)
11 DeepChord – Vantage Isle (DC Mix II) // echospace [detroit] (2007)
12 STL – Dub Zero (Rêver Dub House Remix) // Echocord (2010)
13 Bearweasel – Ripped Down // Slim Audio (2012)
14 Shenoda – Night Eater // Fear Of Flying (2011)
15 Dubbyman – La Influencia // Yore (2008)
16 Dachshund – Don’t Believe // Highgrade (2011)
17 Michael McLardy – Give Me A Reason // Back To You (2011)
18 Freaks – Look Behind You // Music For Freaks (1999)
19 Christopher Rau – Capri // Smallville (2010)
20 Remote_ – Public Service // Meanwhile (2006)
21 Space Dimension Controller – Spanner Cord (Q150 Edit) // Acroplane (2009)
22 Random Factor – Broken Mirror // 20:20 Vision (1998)
23 Synkro – Look At Yourself // Mindset (2011)
24 Mono – Highlife (Remember Herbert’s Mix) // Peacefrog (2002)
25 The Persuader – Central Bron // Svek (2001)
26 Nail – Never4gedit // Shabby Doll (2013)
27 Yellow Sox – Flim Flam // Nuphonic (1996)
28 Ben Hart – Perfect Love Song // Brickhouse (2000)
29 Bernard Leon Howard III – Marscarter (feat. 80) // Shinichi (2002)
30 The Timewriter – Lion Steps (feat. Theresa Baltimore) // Plastic City (2005)
31 Budai & Vic – I Love Deep (The Timewriter Remix) // I Love Deep (2005)
32 Alec Pritchard – The Life Of A Reptile (Part 1) // Unreleased (2014)
33 M. Reich & J. Foufas – Alchemy (Erot Remix) // Svek (1998)

Ghetec Presents #7 – Spaces

Our seventh guest mix comes from our very good friend Pete Woods (aka Spaces).

One half of Belfast’s forward thinking Bass night, ‘Decay’, Pete is slowly but surely making his footstep in Northern Ireland’s music scene. Alongside Breandan Lundy booking acts like Paleman, Randomer and NYTA in the intimate, ever popular venue that is The Hudson Bar, they’ve gathered quite a following, which we know is well deserved and due further growth! We love this mix and we love a Decay night.

Inspired by the ballroom house, voguing kings (queens is more fitting tbh) this mix is a short but sweet jam-packed half hour of dirty, sleazy, ghetto ass weapons mixed in Pete’s signature style and drawing on his alias Spaces’ love of bass, grime and techno.


If this doesn’t make you wanna get dressed up like the Fresh Prince and pretend you’re twerkin in downtown New York then there’s something VERY wrong with you. Going to be a real big year for the Decay boys with their 2nd Birthday coming up in a new location – Queens Students Union on 26th April! Can’t wait to find out who they’ve got lined up for this next one! Now, listen and VOGUE.




Raudive – Here (Len’s Podium Remix)

Saturday lunchtime minimal… Why not?

Going back to 2006 here – Len Faki’s rendered this track his own in true Ostgut Ton style, transforming it into an absolute stomper of a track. Rabbit-hole vocals set the scene for the intense transition to come. Such a strong track you can almost feel it pulsing through your veins, sick effects make this a multi dimensional track that you never want to end.

Would love to hear this out, it still pops up on compilations and in mixes but seems like play out was definitely a good bit before my club time. The last few seconds are really reminiscent of that inner brain time bomb where you know your night’s really coming to an end… but you’re still clutching.

Buy it here on Beatport

and heres the original! (Len’s remix is the best though, IMO)

New Years in Berlin

Words from Kathryn Dodds

This summer I went to Ibiza for the seventh time.  It was shit.  The island was full of ‘deep house’ warriors, snap backs and Nike blazers.  I couldn’t even physically fit into DC10 because of them and when I went to Space the DJ was playing the Vengaboys and Beyonce. (On a more positive note, hats off to tINI for her free party ‘tINI & The Gang’ and to Sankeys Ibiza.  They got everything SO, SO RIGHT).

Disappointed and let down by my trip to Ibiza, I was eager for another clubbing holiday.  So I booked Berlin for New Years.

This was my second trip to Berlin.  Last time I went, I visited the clubs Suicide Circus and the infamous Berghain/Panorama Bar.  I came out of Berghain with a different outlook on life.  You won’t understand what I mean until you go there yourself!

After my first visit, Berlin became the best place I had been to in Europe so I was very excited the second time round.  For New Years Eve we had a few options but decided on the club ‘Katerholzig.’ A friend who recommended the club described it as a ‘fairytale magical kingdom’ but warned us that the door policy was almost as strict as Berghain.  We were intrigued.


Like absolute sad acts we unintentionally arrived an hour before the club was opening, so spent our time in a Chalet like bar next to it.  It had a swing in and everything.  The DJ though – good track selection but his mixing was WONKY and he was playing off Traktor? No excuse really? At the time my drunk self was thinking, WHY THE HELL AM I NOT PLAYING IN BERLIN?

Anyway enough of me. As we waited in the long ass queue we soon found out that the Chalet bar was the reject bar.  Somehow the fact that the majority of the queue was being turned away made the place look even more enchanted and intriguing. Three of us got talking to a German guy who knew the crazy bitch rejecting people on the door so we got in. However, two of my friends didn’t.

The club was different and very quirky; there were loads of places to explore. Midnight was calling though so we went back outside to the Chalet to meet our friends. Katerholzig opened on New Years Eve (Tuesday) and didn’t shut until the Sunday.  So once you got your stamp you could go in and out as you pleased. Imagine if that happened in the UK man. Well it just wouldn’t. CLUBS IN NEWCASTLE SHUT AT 3 AND WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE THE PARTY CAPITAL OF EUROPE!! PLEASE.

The Chalet was fun, the alcohol was flowing and the company was ace. Conscious that we needed to get the other two from our group into the club we decided to transfer our stamps onto their hands by using the old lick and press technique (hygienic I know)! One of my friends was able to get in from this technique, however the male of the group just couldn’t get in despite trying 5 times!! The woman kept describing him as ‘too Miami.’  Not really sure who she was to judge. She was dressed in some weird 80s fancy dress with lots of feathers in her hair.  Disheartened my friend gave up and went home at around 2:30am.

At first the club didn’t overly impress me. The interior design was quality but it reminded me of some cheesy student place. There was even a bloody 70s disco room! We were in the basement techno bar for at least an hour and I swear the song didn’t change once. I was thinking, the door policy was so strict for this? EH?? I was drunk though and it was New Years Eve in Berlin so I was going to have a quality time regardless.

However, my impression of the club completely changed when I stumbled across the ‘Treehouse’ room.  As soon as I walked in my ears fell in love with the beats. Balearic style, groovy tech house with the odd bit of acid for good measure. Right up my street. Reminded me of the stuff Ellen Allien would play.

The crowd was spot on too. People know how to party over there. Everyone was there for the music, no one cared what he or she looked like – they just wanted to dance. In fact my friend spent half the night having a dance off with a guy and they were pretending a glow stick was Simba from the Lion King… Normal I know.  But it shows how fun the place was. The music matched the atmosphere too – my personal favourite track of the night was ‘Officer! Where’s your brother?’ by George Morel:

The track is old school, groovy, a little camp and very fun to dance to. Sums up the vibe perfectly.  I think I asked everyone in the club where their brother was while it was being played! I now have it on vinyl too 😀

Later on in the night, the DJs changed and the music became influenced by the label ‘Innervisions.’ Another favourite style of mine! I’m not going to lie I was adamant the DJ was Dixon for a short while! A couple of highlights from his set were:

Reno by Marcus Worgull & Osunlade:


Lenoix by Marcus Worgull & Peter Pardeike:

Unfortunately, I had no idea who any of the DJs were as the line up was nowhere to be seen inside the club.

My friend showed me a secret passageway just off the dance floor, which led to an actual tree house (only in Berlin)!  The remainder of my night was spent chilling out to the ‘floaty’ music.  We left the club at around 8am. Quality night, it was just a shame that my friend didn’t get in.

New Years Day we decided to try Berghain. Their New Years party went on from the 29th December until the 3rd January – true Berlin Style! The queue was humongous. The place was as scary and intriguing as ever.  But my god the music that was booming from the club – UNBELIEVABLE.

Long story short, we all fell foul of Berghain’s very random door policy this time.  Worst thing ever was that I wasn’t even rejected by Sven (he let me in last time), it was his younger apprentice!  Pffft!

I may just be bitter but it got me thinking about the whole random Berlin door policy.  I understand trying to keep parties for music lovers only (this is what we do at Ghetec) but rejecting people on a purely random basis (either on the way they look or for ratios) isn’t exactly fair is it?  I mean the whole idea behind underground clubbing is that everyone goes to dance and doesn’t care what they look like, right?  Rejecting people because they don’t ‘fit in’ surely goes against that whole concept!!  I mean I’m a music lover and I didn’t get in.  A quiz on the door, I would understand but not this. Berghain is an ace cub and attracts some amazing DJs but unfortunately its strict door policy has made it into somewhat of a tourist attraction. Next time I go I’ll definitely be sticking to the smaller scale and intimate parties without the bizarre door policy.

Saying that though, if a woman’s vest wearing male who thought Disclosure invented deep house rocked up to the next Ghetec then I’d probably reject him! In the Berlin queues though the rejection was just completely random and unfair! It was more for marketing rather than crowd maintenance.

On my last day I went digging in Hardwax. Unreal record shop, some of the pressings they had were so rare. I could have bought the whole shop but my luggage unfortunately only had space for 3. However, when I flew back to London I went to Phonica and bought more!

The records I bought were:

1. Johannes Volk – Aquanautic Tales – EXP-005 (HARDWAX – techno stomper);

2. Other Heights White Label #10 series – Various Artists (HARDWAX – techno/ambient);

3. Ron Trent – Raw Footage Part Two (HARDWAX – DEEEEP and a lot cheaper than buying it in the UK);

4. John Daly – Move (Club Mixes) (PHONICA – Epic, Balearic Nu Disco Monster);

5. Alexander Robotnick – Coast 2 Coast EP (PHONICA – Two absolute house jams, good times from start to finish);

6. Rolando – D&Ns – Ostgut Ton (PHONICA – Funk Detroit techno from a true legend); and

7. George Morel – Morel’s Groovers Part 8 – Strictly Rhythm (DISCOGS as a result of my Berlin trip – old school, fun house).

 Can’t wait to play them all out soon and to return to Berlin in summer!